Oklahoma Fish Species

Common Oklahoma Fish Species Questions

What kind of fish is found in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma's waters are teeming with a diverse array of fish species, including striped bass, catfish, crappie, and more, making it a haven for anglers seeking various fishing experiences. McBride Outside, led by the knowledgeable Trent McBride, specializes in helping fishing enthusiasts target and reel in these captivating species, ensuring unforgettable adventures on Oklahoma's lakes and rivers.

How many fish species are in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma is home to over 176 fish species, offering a rich and varied fishing landscape for enthusiasts. With the guidance of Trent McBride and his team at McBride Outside, anglers have the opportunity to explore and engage with this diverse aquatic ecosystem, targeting different species and enjoying tailored fishing experiences across the state's waters.

What is the biggest fish in Oklahoma?

The paddlefish, also known as spoonbill, holds the distinction of being one of the largest fish species in Oklahoma's waters, with some individuals weighing over 100 pounds. Embarking on a fishing excursion with McBride Outside, led by the skilled guide Trent McBride, offers anglers the chance to encounter and potentially reel in these impressive paddlefish, creating unforgettable memories of Oklahoma's remarkable fishing opportunities.

A McBride Outside Guide Service Guided Fishing Trip targets the top Oklahoma Fish species including null. We primarily Fish the Keystone Lake, Fort Gibson Lake, Skiatook Lake, Sooner Lake.