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We get these questions often. What month is the best fishing in Oklahoma? Is fishing good today in Oklahoma? What kind of fish does Oklahoma have? Well, the best fishing months in Oklahoma typically span from spring through fall, with peak activity often in the warmer months of May to October. For real-time information on the current fishing conditions, McBride Outside Guide Service provides up-to-date fishing reports led by expert guide Trent McBride, ensuring that anglers stay informed about the latest opportunities. Oklahoma's lakes are home to a variety of fish, including bass, stripers, and catfish, presenting a diverse and exciting range of options for anglers. With McBride Outside Guide Service, you can unlock the full potential of Oklahoma's fishing landscape and experience thrilling encounters with these coveted species under the guidance of seasoned professionals.

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McBride Outside Guide Service offers a range of fishing trips lasting from 3 to 12 hours, allowing you to tailor your adventure based on your preferred type of experience and the duration you wish to spend on the water.

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Fort Gibson Lake  fishing report coverpicture

December 3, 2023

Fort Gibson Lake

Went to Fort Gibson Lake unloaded the boat and set out to catch some big, catfish bait size shad. Got the Lowrance Active Target 2 fired up and pointed me in the right direction to load up the tank. Bait tank full of big shad made my way to picked up my clients Bill and Hunter at Paradise cove marina. Loaded them up and set out to get on some catfish I had marked while catching bait. I didn’t get all the rods out and we already had two in the box. We put a few more in the box at stop number one and then off to another spot when that bite died down. Second spot was a drift and we put a few more in the box after arguing with Mother Nature and her unwillingness to let the wind blow from one single direction! 😂. On to spot three, which is my favorite spot on this part of the lake. Didn’t even get the third rod out before Bill had another one hooked up. We sat there for a while on a steady bite until the box was full and Hunter was frozen. We went back to the marina and I cleaned them up a couple gallons of nice blue cat fillets. After I dropped the clients off I was making my way back to the dock to load my boat and figured I would “Active Target” some spoonbill. They were a little scattered where I was at but did put one in the boat. My shoulders can’t handle too much of that. That’s a lot of work!! 😂. I have available dates and am on fish on three different lakes. May make a trip to Oolagah to get on some more hybrids as well as long as Zach Petitjean left any in the lake for me! 😂